Book Review on Accelerated Learning

Hi everyone! Saturday has come again and I have begun to write a book called SATurday’s with Sandy that will have SAT words to study from in a interesting fiction book. I don’t know how long it will take to write it, but it’s one of my dreams so wish me luck!

Anyways, going back to today’s topic I would really like to tell you about a book by Dr. Joe Mccullough called Accelerated Learning Techniques for StudentsThe book is well written and concise but very useful. I recommend it to anyone who wants to work smarter not harder.

He talks about PACER, an acronym to help remember the different steps for accelerated learning. Prepare your mental state, acquire knowledge, cement the learning, examine and embrace, review/revise. I don’t want to give the book away, but I have consistently been using one trick that helps me study.

Have any of you heard of the Pomodoro technique? You study for 20 minutes and take 5 minute breaks. It’s based off of a lot of science that indicates that resting your mind a little after studying (taking breaks) helps you to memorize the information better. The book recommends studying for 45 minutes and taking 15 minute breaks. I’ve been doing this and feel like studying is a lot more fun and easier than if I tried to push through. PLEASE buy this book it is worth your time and money! It’s a life-changer!

Have a blessed day!


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