Nicknaming God

Have you ever thought of giving God a nickname? I have and it makes me feel closer to Him. Actually I gave all three of the holy trinity nicknames. I just want to share in case someone finds it interesting or wants to come up with their own nickname for God.

  1. Jesus is named Sunny. The sun is the source of constant light–it is steadfast like Jesus and trustworthy. The sun is the center that we on Earth revolve around, just like Jesus is the center of my life. Also, Jesus has a sunny personality-he is positive and happy in heaven and he wants us to feel that way too.
  2. The Holy Spirit I nicknamed Mer. Men and her combined. This is because I don’t think the Holy Spirit is a guy or a girl and I don’t want to call Mer and “it”.
  3. God I had fun naming. It makes me laugh when I talk to O Amazing One ;). I think he laughs too.

What nicknames can you come up with for the Godhead? Or if you don’t want to, why not?

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