Loving God and Giving Back

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt guilty asking God for so many things, relying upon him completely to help guide my life, and feeling like I can’t give God something back. This actually made me not want to pray because I felt I was taking advantage of God.

So it got me thinking, how can we give back to God? What kinds of things make God happy?

Well, I just have to think about what I think are happy moments for Him. Anything happy that I have done, seen, or read I like to think about. So, the birth of Jesus, Jesus getting baptized, Jesus riding the donkey and people laying things down in his path. Jesus seeing God again after his death. A girl I saw putting her nose against the door, Me praying for snow but explaining why it’s ok for there to be no snow. Snowing in Corpus Christi both times. One thing I’d like to do is to look in the Bible for happy moments or messages so I can share with God and can make God feel loved.

God also feels loved when we listen to and follow his advice-it makes him feel special. Pray and Obey is a motto I heard from somewhere and it rings true here. Don’t feel like you are asking to much of God by praying on Him. We should look to him every minute of everyday-we are totally reliant on Him. We cannot even breathe without Him. But, give back to God for all his love and kindness. Obey Him and think “lovely” thoughts.

Honor Him by not only inviting Him into your life, but also joining Him in his life and ways through reading the Word, obeying Him, and seeking his happiness.


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