Rainy Days

For those of you who don’t know, I went through a period where I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I was doing really good and recovering well, but it all started to fail today and I relapsed into negative thinking.

The biggest thing, I realized, was that I hadn’t been praying specific prayers to God and I hadn’t been focusing  my attention and faith on Him when I did pray. I noticed this because I keep a record of all my answered prayers. Specific prayer is the key to recovery. Never stop praying and giving thanks and writing down a record when God answers. All this is a message I need to apply to myself but it may also apply to you. 

These are the prayers I made myself for when times get rough:

  1. I pray I see each day as an adventure. Even on the rainy ones may I realize that I am like the sky and rain is just another change in weather.
  2. God, let my thoughts be always in your favor. Give Satan no power over my thought patterns. Heal my bad thought patterns and replace them with lovely thoughts of thanks and praise and purity.

And, don’t forget to have faith in God when you pray. The more faith you have, the better your chance of getting your pray answered, as long as it is consistent with God’s will. God always wants what is best for us so I wouldn’t worry about that. The pains of this life are temporary. The gains of the next are bountiful.

I hope this message finds you in a good place. But, if you are feeling down I just have one message for you. . . NEVER give up.

God is with you always, especially when he feels far away.



P.S.: Don’t forget to check out “the art of being yourself” tedx talk. Especially around the 10 minute interval and onward. It has helped me so much and is still helping me today.

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