Are We Worthy?

I know that I have sinned more times than I’ll ever be able to count, but I’m really getting tired of Christian songs that talk about how unworthy we are. I mean, we have an amazing, almighty, and loving God. Don’t you think He would want us to be better to ourselves? There is a way to repent without beating yourself up. It’s a way I’m going to start practicing because I am by no means an expert. Maybe I used to be in the past. So, we’ll see. But I can’t imagine my loving God telling someone “you are not worthy to be with me” when we try to repent. Instead just make the decision to not sin again and do your best-that’s all that God seems to ask for.

However, I just wrote this up pretty quick so I’m not sure if I expressed myself right. I also understand there are different opinions and it is kind of out there to imagine that we are worthy. I’m open to more discussions on this. What do you think?

May love and joy follow you throughout your life dearest reader.


2 thoughts on “Are We Worthy?

  1. I agree 100%!! I think that of course compares to the Lord our worth is so insignificant but the truth is that he saw so much worth in yiu and me that he gave His very best as ransom from our sins.

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    1. I’m glad you found this article interesting! Thank you for commenting. And I think the Lord would never want you to compare yourself to Him. He would never want you to feel insignificant.


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