My Dream

People for in United States. It’s a movement that started in Canada, but I want to carry it over to the U.S. Here are some ideas on how to spread the word:

  • Contact celebrities like Taylor Swift
  • Contact churches for sponsorship-religious movement? But that excludes other people. Positivity movement?
  • Get other newspapers involved.
  • If my friends just told one friend about it and pleaded for them to tell one friend about it—it would be a chain.

Coupons listed on newsletter to get people to put up kind signs. They can pay 20 dollars to be used towards the newsletter and feeding the homeless or they can pay nothing but put up a sign with a positive message and our newsletters nearby that says people for or guardian angel website, still not sure.


Anyways I just wanted to give a quick update on this dream of mine. I think during summer I’ll get my newsletter going again. I just don’t know if I want to call it The Guardian Angel or not.

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