How Important is the Bible?

How important is the Bible to you?

I admit I have never been an avid reader of the Bible. However, recently I have discovered a new reading passion. The Bible is God’s way of talking to us. If you have a bad day and want to know what God wants you to do-look to Scripture. Somewhere in there is a verse that can help. This is how God speaks to you. Prayer is inviting God into your life and communicating with Him.

So, I encourage you to read the Bible. What you are reading right now might not seem helpful, but it might be just what you need in the future when you are searching for answers. Reflect on what you read day and night.

Keep in mind I’m no expert. But I have found the Bible useful in my life, even though I haven’t read it a bunch. My new goal is to read some each day. Good luck!

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