Dear Future Self

How many times do you plan at nighttime to do something in the morning that you’ve been putting off, but wake up and the motivation isn’t there or you simply forget?

Well, that happens to me ALL the time and I don’t think I’m alone in this. I recently found a solution. I write on a sticky note and tap it to my hand, reminding me to look at my computer for a certain document. This document is a message that I wrote the previous night in order to motivate myself and remind me of the reasons why I should get up. I’ll give you an example of one.


Dear Future Self,

I know you want to enjoy the warmth of the bed, all snuggled up and cozy. But, I’d really appreciate it if you got up today and followed God’s plan for you. There is a wonderful day today and you should go outside and enjoy God’s love wrapped in leaves and playful wind. You have a big day ahead of you! I know it’s hard, but it’ll get easier.

Don’t eat too much and don’t take any naps over 30 minutes. Please, if you can’t do it for God yet do it for the sake of your past self. But remember to make God feel loved today because ultimately you do want to put Him first. Mer and Sunny too.

Also don’t beat up on yourself like you have before-remember how you treated yourself before you got sick. You used to never get mad at yourself and would use your willpower to change what you didn’t like in a positive, non-hurtful way.God wants you to treat yourself as well as you treat other people so when you feel down just remember how you would treat one of your friends. See yourself like Mom does.

Dear Future self, we can do this! It’s nice to meet you! Keep up the good work-obeying God will be a fun journey/mission to embark on!

Also be prepared. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Peter 5:8

Anyways, I’m hoping this proves as helpful to ya’ll as it has been to me. Have an amazing day!

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