A Piece of God

Have you ever felt insignificant? Or perhaps superior? I’ve, unfortunately, felt both. Looking back on my depression I remember there were times I wouldn’t get out of bed because I felt overwhelmed by my problems and drowned in self-pity wishing I were better.

There were other times I felt I was this really incredible person and I would get so caught up in my success that I wouldn’t pay attention to anyone else.

These are both extremes. And, according to Caroline McHugh, they are how we struggle with our ego. We need to find a middle point between those two extremes. McHugh argues we should practice “Interiority” which she defined by showing a video of Jill Scott (a singer) who was getting ready to perform. Scott mentioned that everyone had their own queendom declaring, “Mine could never compare to hers and hers could never compare to mine.” We all have our own gifts and abilities to use.

But what you might not know is something I’ve grown to believe recently. It is that in each of us God bestowed a piece of his heart. So that each of us hold knowledge of a different part of God. As we grow in our relationship with God we cultivate the unique relationship with God that we were destined to have from the beginning of our lives.

Imagine this: Diamonds are valued for their beauty and rarity. Well, in the past there has never been anyone like you and in the future there will never be anyone like you. So you are much rarer than a diamond. And God, the King of everything, decided to make you as you are, thinking that you are perfect the way you are. So you are more beautiful than a diamond because the maker of heaven and earth sees beauty in you always–with makeup or without.

Which brings us to a controversial point that I believe: No one is ugly. Not in my eyes and not in God’s eyes dearest reader. Beauty is a social norm that we have been brainwashed to see as someone thin with long legs, a beautiful smile, and piercing eyes. But, in past societies people have valued people who are heavyset and seen that as a definition of beauty. So stop following what society tells you and start believing that you are the perfect creation of God, and that no one is more or less special than you. No one is more or less important, more or less beautiful, more or less smart. Everyone comes with a set of unique experiences and viewpoints–everyone was put on Earth for a reason.

I want to get to know you, dearest reader. You know why? I can’t find anybody like you and never will. I can’t get to know a part of God’s being that is in you unless we have a conversation. So you should never feel like you are better or worse than a person. We are all unique and our job is to figure out the gifts God has given us, the unique perspectives and abilities within us, and try to flourish in the unique love that you have for God and that He has for you.

Have a blessed day dearest reader.


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