How To Pray Fervently

I read this really good book (one that I’ve probably mentioned in one of my other posts) called Fervent. It changed my prayer life and I highly recommend reading it because it reminds us of the Enemy, Satan, and the different ways he works in our lives. He does exist, but we rarely hear talk about him in church.

One of the things the book says to do is to make your prayers very specific. Write them down. Then, keep a record of all your answered prayers so you don’t forget how involved God is in your life. Pray to him everyday, even if it feels forced. If you don’t have a passion for prayer than pray that God gives you a passion for prayer, it may be Satan working towards your prayerlessness.

The Bible talks about the heart, mind, and soul. It says we should love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. I believe this is the key to fervent prayer as well. So imagine first that you are praying with all your heart. Be honest and genuine about everything. Then, imagine you are adding in your mind to the prayer. Focus and think specifically about what you want to pray. Finally, imagine that your entire soul is praying for something and God is the only being who could ever give you that something. You are asking Him with all your strength, begging Him with all your might to answer your prayer.St. Augustine once said, “Pray as though everything depended on God, work as though everything depended on you.” Because life is not easy–in your head there will always be a battle between flesh and spirit. And God is your greatest encourager and helper.

I read the following set of thoughts that I wrote one day and it has helped me pray fervently in many ways. This is what I wrote:

Remember there is an Enemy who is fighting every moment against you and your happiness, your relationships, your life, and against your loved ones. We can’t afford to be lukewarm here, future self. Everyone needs prayers. Fervent prayers. So stop reading and start doing. . . PRAY. He might be attacking your passion for prayer, in which case, PRAY HARDER because that means you are on the right path.

Powerful right? Eye-opening? I wrote that to my “future self” to read everyday. You won’t be able to forget about Satan now, will you? Because he DOES exist and he IS powerful and we must be AWARE.

Finally the last secret to fervent prayer. Just remember you are asking God for something. This something has to follow God’s will in order to be answered. You yourself have no power. You are simply having a serious conversation with the being that can plan your entire future and make everything go your way.

So collect your thoughts. And . . . PRAY.


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