Proper Repentance

I cannot say I am the best person to tell you, dear reader, about repentance. But, perhaps my recent insight, though simple, might nudge it’s way into your heart and help you be more carefree.

Sin does separate us from God. And obviously we shouldn’t sin. Christ died on the cross and therefore saved the lives of believers (and good people in my opinion) from their sin. But, when we sin, we shouldn’t cry or beat ourselves up about it. Think about it this way? How do your loved ones react when your sad? It makes them sad. So our God, who loves us more in one moment than we could in all eternity (that’s a quote from somewhere though I don’t know where), how could he possibly want us to be sad at all?

I think all of us sin, but we as Christians are called to rely on Jesus for our salvation and forgiveness. Therefore, in my opinion, to repent properly is simply to turn away from your sin completely. So, if your sin is gluttony but you choose to be careful with what you eat and slowly get away from eating too much then you have properly repented. No crying needed. No guilt necessary. Just a change in your daily habits. Repentance then becomes simply a way of reconciling with God and improving.

What do you think? Do you disagree?

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