How I Pray

Strong prayer: Praise and thank God and repent before praying. Then ask God a question, remembering if you knock he will answer. Next, set yourself on believing and trusting that he has the power to accomplish what you are praying for, and then trust that he will help you as much as he can so long as it coincides with His will. Finally, believe God has answered your prayer according to His will. Know that he has heard you and is working everything for your good. That’s all there is to it.

Here are some tips to make your prayer stronger: Write it down so you know when it is answered. Reinforce prayer with scripture. Get as many people to pray with you as possible if you urgently need it. And, most importantly, have faith.The more faith you have in God, the more you believe that he can do what you are asking for, the stronger your prayer will be. In this way your prayers will get stronger and stronger.

I hope this helps you dear reader,



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