Present Idea: Positivity, gratitude, or memory jars

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a new gift idea I’ve been using. I don’t recall what website gave me the idea, but all you need is a pen, small jar, and paper. Here is what you can do with these simple things:

1.  Positivity Jar

Write down positive sayings and inspirational quotes to brighten the day of your loved one.

2. Gratitude jar

Write down things that you are grateful for for your loved one.

3. Memory jar

Write down some favorite memories of you and your loved one.

These ideas can be presents to yourself as well. I have a jar of positive sayings and inspirational quotes, as well as a prayer jar where I write down different prayers I want to keep in mind so I have a record of what prayers have been answered.

Anyways, I hope that your loved ones are doing well and that this present idea makes them feel extra special.

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